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My Spontaneous Trip The Most Beautiful Place on Earth – Banff, Alberta

Updated: Mar 26

I couple of weeks ago I was feeling pretty down as it was the middle of winter. I’m 99% sure I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) so I feel pretty depressed, anxious, unmotivated, tired, etc., during the wintertime from lack of sunlight and general physical activity. I was feeling bored of doing the same thing every day in the confinement of my condo. It felt like I was living in a prison.

My best friend from boarding school randomly texted me about something and we started talking. She’s one of those girls who can’t stay in one spot for long, super spontaneous, and loves to travel (aka she’s a Sagittarius). She told me she decided to move out to Banff for the meantime because one of her friends was driving out there to live there and go skiing for the rest of the season. When I asked if I could come visit her for a few days and checked the flight prices (which were $150 round trip at the time), I decided it was fate and booked my ticket for the end of February during my reading week.

Town of Banff, AB

I was super excited to go because Aleda had moved out there a month prior and she hadn’t gotten the opportunity to do any of the touristy stuff yet. The main things we wanted to do were to go to out, go skating on Lake Louise, and go skiing at Sunshine (which she does every other day).

Skating on Lake Louise

The next day we took a $8 bus at noon to Lake Louise (located at the Lake Louise Fairmont Hotel). It wasn’t terribly busy since it was a weekday. If you’re going to be in the area, I highly recommend going, even if just for an hour. The sight itself is worth the trip because it’s so beautiful. I wouldn’t recommend staying at the Fairmont if you’re young and looking for more of a party town, but definitely worth a visit.

Aleda at Lake Louise

Chilling on the Ice at Lake Louise
Lake Louise, AB

Skiing at Sunshine

We woke up early and boarded the free bus to Sunshine Village Ski Resort the next day. The mountain did not disappoint. We boarded the gondola lift that took us to the main ski lodge. The view and the hills we absolutely spectacular. I wish I took more photos but I didn't want to be that skier that stopped in the middle of a hill to take a photo and end up getting smoked by another skier haha. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ski Lift Overlooking Sunshine Village Ski Resort
Looking at Sunshine

Also super cool, maybe I don’t ski out West often enough, but Sunshine also has Canada's first heated ski lifts. It has heated seats and an orange electric cover to shield you from the wind – thought I’d add because I was very impressed with this innovative feature.

Canada's First Heated Ski Lift

Near the end of the day, we skied to one of the 26 hidden areas to chill out and have a couple beers. Highly recommend.

Hidden Teepee at Sunshine Valley Ski Resort
Skiing & Beers

Shout out to my friend Jake and his clothing line, Crimson Road Co, because the sweater he made me looks dope and kept me super warm as I skied in the -10° weather.

Balkan Restaurant

We ended the trip on a high note going to Balkan Restaurant for dinner, a pretty notorious Greek restaurant in the Banff village. It’s won numerous awards and after dining here, I can see why.

After, we went to Banff Ave Brewing Co for Stein Night to meet up with her friends. $8 stein’s til midnight. Sign me up.

Stein Night Isn't Playing Around

All I can say is that this was the trip I needed. It was a short 4 day, 3 night stay but the perfect amount of time to do everything I came to do. Shout out to Aleda and her spontaneity or else I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to travel there at such a beautiful time and for so little money.

Leave a comment to let me know your favourite places you’ve travelled and share it with someone you want to travel to Banff with! Follow Aleda on Instagram to follow more of her travel adventures!!

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