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My Guilt-Free Starbucks Order

Updated: Mar 29

I hate to be that basic but every girls I know kryptonite is Starbucks. I wanted to share one of my favourite coffee drink orders that's delicious, guilt-free, and will get you through the day. It tastes similar to an Iced Vanilla Latte Frappuccino, if a drink like that were to exist. Super customizable to your liking and yummy to drink!

All you need to do is order: A (size) iced coffee with one-pump sugar-free vanilla, almond milk, and blended.

This time they gave me my drink double blended, but I definitely prefer it less blended since I like the icy, slushy consistency. Add more pumps of the sugar-free vanilla if you prefer it sweeter, add a different sugar-free syrup, or add a different milk - whichever your preference!

Let me know if you've had this before and if you like it once you try it!

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