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Is a Keratin Hair Treatment Worth t?

Updated: Mar 26

As I was scrolling through Tik Tok one day, I stopped and watched this girl's video of before and after a keratin treatment. The before photo looked starkly like my hair - frizzy and crimped. I wouldn't say I have bad hair or the worse hair, but for some reason the hair on the back of my head dries crimped and the rest straight wavy/straight. No clue why but it is what it is. It's the sort of hair that looks good right after you wash it but after sleeping on it, it's pretty unruly and annoying.

Before & After

Keratin Treatment Directly After

The treatment cost me $300 Canadian not including tax and tip and I paid an additional $80 for special shampoo that I need to use after the keratin treatment. I definitely overpaid for the shampoo and conditioner but apparently you need special stuff because normal shampoo will weaken the keratin treatment and I didn’t have any on-hand.

CAVIER Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Shampoo and Conditioner

CAVIER Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Shampoo

CAVIER Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Conditioner

The Keratin treatment is a pretty extensive process taking up to three hours. The process follows like this: you get your hair washed with a special clarifying type of shampoo, massage the treatment in your hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, wash it out, then blow dry and straighten your hair. The treatment is supposed to make your hair smoother, shinier, and straighter for up to four months (4-6 months, from online research).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results, my hair still have a wave a week later but is definitely more manageable, straighter, and less frizzy. Especially the back of my head. I’ll have to make another update in a few weeks and track how long the results will last. I can go to bed and sleep easy knowing my hair will look good for at least two days after. The one downside with the keratin treatment is that it can make your hair greasier faster which I have found to be true. I have to wash my hair every other day when normally I’d wash my hair once every three days.

Another thing to add, with the CAVIER shampoo, I’ve realized my hair has been more brassier than usual. Good thing for social-isolation I wont be seeing people anytime soon, but I will probably start incorporating a purple shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask (with my hair dressers permission, of course).

Let me know in the comments if you’ve gotten a keratin treatment or if you have any questions! Hope you enjoyed.

Update (March 25, 2020):

My hair is a still a little bit crimped but significantly better and less frizzy than before. You can see how it's turning bronzy from the shampoo (ugh). Another thing I wanted to add is that this year I realized that certain shampoo/conditioner can give me hairline pimples which is super annoying, and unfortunately, this expensive set of hair products has led to a few hairline pimples. Just something to know if you're also prone.

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