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Instagram Editing: Apps I Love to to Edit Instagram Pictures

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to date with more than 500 million active users using the platform daily. I’ve been using Instagram since grade nine and have grown my Instagram somewhat substantially since then. Your Instagram profile is essentially your online business card nowadays and hundreds of people view your profile a day – your family, your friends, and even strangers. I wanted to share the editing apps I use almost every time to prep a picture before posting and the tools that I use. This might be the most OCD, perfectionist post that I write, but hopefully you learn a thing or two, and maybe clear some of the stigma of editing too.

Editing Apps

I mainly edit photos that I put on Instagram on my iPhone X. Basically, to demonstrate how I use them best without showing you in person or through a video, I’ll post a before and after of the picture I edit. Here’s a list of apps I use, and some of the ways I like to use them:

1. FaceTune

Yes. FaceTune. The ultimate beginner photoshopping app that Instagram seems to love to hate. I know what you’re all probably thinking – I knew it – this girl’s a catfish. Well, this is why I’m writing this post. I wanted to share how to use FaceTune to make your pictures stand out more and to look better without changing the way you look.

My favourite thing that I use for FaceTune are the detail and whitening tools. Instagram now is a huge social media platform where hundreds of people look at you a day. You obviously want to look your best. This doesn’t mean you have to morph the way your body looks or the shape of your face. FaceTune in 2020 is sort of like digital makeup – it’s supposed to enhance your natural features, not change them. Without further ado, be prepared for the most OCD tutorial ever.

Features I Use on FaceTune - Whiten & Detail

How I Use Detailing:

For most pictures I post to Instagram, I really like to use the detailing tool for enhancing any jewelry or metal I’m wearing. This can range from jewelry, watches, sunglasses, metal pieces of clothing or handbags, etc. For this picture I used it for my watch, necklaces, and sunglasses.

Another way I like to use it is to make certain things stand out whether it’s on my face, body, or something in the picture. Of course, it all depends on the kind of photo, the lighting, quality, etc. For this photo, I just detailed my eyelashes. An important thing to note is that detailing tends to make things look darker, so if you don’t want something to look darker, I’d avoid using it for that. For other photos, sometimes I like to enhance my eyebrows, my eyes, sparkles/sequins on clothing pieces, lip gloss, highlighter, muscle definition, etc., through detailing. Detailing can’t give you muscles or toning in a picture, but it can make it stand out more.


I use the whitening tool for a variety of things other than whitening your teeth, which is the main purpose of the tool. Sometimes I’ll whiten my teeth if they don’t look as white as I want them to (like compared to a white background), but mainly I use it for other things. Once again, this is a tool you do have to be careful with and doesn’t apply to every single picture. I basically use this tool to lighten or whiten anything in a photo, such as white clothing, white sneakers, background, white nail polish, etc.

For this photo in particular, I whitened the whites of my eyes slightly. The keyword is SLIGHTLY. If you go crazy with the whitening tool for your eyes plus the detail tool for your eyelashes, girl, you are going look like you have crazy eyes. You do not want that. You can probably barely notice the effectiveness of whitening the white of your eyes, but it does make your iris pop. Also, I have heard, if you whiten the iris of your eye (if you have light-coloured eyes such as blue or green), it can make your eyes look lighter.

Another way I like to use the whitening tool is to whiten the background in pictures. To put it in plain terms, I use it when I want a whiter background haha. You can also use it to lighten the backgrounds.

FaceTune Before & After


VSCO is a preset filters and editing tool/social media app. In addition to editing pictures, you can also post pictures to your own VSCO account to share. I use this mainly for adding filters to my photos to look more consistent overall (using the same preset for multiple photos to post). For my Instagram job at Noble Coyote, I used VSCO a lot to give all the Instagram pictures I posted a more consistent appearance.

If I don’t already know what preset filter I want, I usually start on Pinterest. I just look up “VSCO preset filters” and a ton of preset filter ideas pop up. There’s a ton on there if you’re looking to step up your Instagram game and give your Instagram a more consistent look or theme. I’ve tried to do this with my personal account, but I find my pictures are pretty different in terms of aesthetic, lighting, location, etc. I don’t want to box in the kind of pictures I post based on religiously using one filter.

Screenshot of Pinterest VSCO Filters Query

Before & After VSCO

Filter I Use:

06/Legacy + 2.4

Exposure -.5

Contrast +1.0

Tone: Highlights +2.5

Saturation +1.1

Skin Tone +0.7

Split Tone: Shadows Tint +2.0

3. Adobe Lightroom + Preseters

I recently discovered Adobe Lightroom when browsing other editing programs and Adobe Cloud. This editing software is an iPhone app but you can also use it on your computer but you have to pay for it. Adobe Lightroom on its own is basically a more intermediate VSCO (without the social media aspect). I use Adobe Lightroom in unison with another app called Preseters, where they have loads of preset filters to download for free. Once you download the filter on your phone, you just open with Lightroom, then in Lightroom, save the preset. Here’s a tutorial.

This is a really good program to use if you’re consistent with your Instagram pictures (similar type of style, niche, lighting, colouring, etc.,) and to take your photography to the next level.

Preset: Powder Pink
Preset: Road to Bali
Preset: Road to Bali
Preset: Road to Bali

Clearly I like the 'Road to Bali' preset a lot haha.

I hope this post was useful! Don’t forget to like and share with anyone who might be interested in upping their Instagram game. If you guys want me to write a more detailed post on how I edit my Instagram’s, don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram. Happy editing!

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