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Content Marketing: Apps I Love to Use to Create Content

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m currently taking an eight-month long post-grad certificate program for digital and content marketing. I mainly decided to do the program because 1) I had just graduated from university with a Bachelor in Arts in Sociology; 2) I didn’t want to continue my sociology studies or work in the field; 3)I knew I wanted to learn and go into business; 4) I started becoming interested in e-commerce in the summer of 2019; and finally, 5) I realized how big of a part digital marketing is, to do e-commerce.

I’ve worked in marketing for some time now – growing my Instagram, going from brand ambassador to the manager of the brand ambassadors for LUG Hockey, working with Noble Coyote to start up and grow their Instagram, and the list goes on. Throughout all these experiences, I’ve learned a thing or two about creating and editing content. I’m by far, no expert, but wanted to share some of the apps and programs I like to use for photography, Instagram stories, website design, etc. You can really use these programs for almost everything, especially for basic stuff, and for beginners.

Content Creation Apps


I absolutely love Canva. Especially for beginners, Canva is a really great free resource to create a lot of content - it's mostly free but you can sign up for a premium account for to have more options for clipart. You can use it on your computer or through the iPhone app – personally, I prefer to use on my computer. Whether it’s stuff for you Instagram: Instagram stories, posts, logos, etc. Or for your website: logos, banners, headers, favicons, etc. There are tons of templates, graphics, and lots of customizable clipart and fonts to use.

I use Canva mostly for my Instagram stories, displaying comparative pictures (i.e., before and after pictures), titles for PowerPoints, and for things on my website such as headers, blog previews, favicon, logos, etc. It’s a really easy platform to use if you just play around with it. The options are endless.

PowerPoint Title Page

I used Canva to help me make this PowerPoint title page by using the font tool to create a nice looking title, and the iPhone graphics to put in screenshots I took of Instagram's for a marketing project. Canva has a lot of free clipart and layouts to make graphics like the iPhone pictures, as well as different shapes like circles. Just save the image with no background and you can use the pic anywhere and on anything you need to.

Recipe Made on Canva


Mojo is an iOS app that lets you create animated Instagram stories. It includes paid and free templates. Personally, I only use the free templates available. This app will up your Instagram story game and also very easy to move.

I made this video on mojo for a marketing project I was working on for Aritzia:

This is for an Instagram story I made for Noble Coyote as a title video:


Unfold collage-creation iOS app also used to make Instagram stories. It’s a good way to present something such as a new blog post, photography, etc. It’s a handy app to have to present your photos in almost like a digital picture frame or to tell a story. I use a lot for posting stories of my friends for their birthdays. On Instagram, it will show a white background.

Collage Made on Unfold + VSCO Filter
Birthday Story Made on Unfold
Instagram Story - Unfold


Lively is an iOS app that turns your live photos into movies or gifs. Live photos are photos that you take on your iPhone in “live-mode” that turns your static pictures into videos when you hold your thumb down on the picture. This app is great if you want to create your photos into videos for an Instagram post or just to make something into a video.

A latent function of Lively is that if you take a really good photo of yourself (that's also a really good video) you can convert it into a video and post it. Unedited, raw, and overall decent quality for an Instagram post or story. Sometime's you just gotta rock what you got and this app is perfect for that. For Instagram purposes, you can also crop the video once it's on the Instagram editing mode. You just have to make sure it's 3 seconds or over to post, and to ensure that, you can use another app to slow it down if it's not long enough.

Movie I made from a live photo that someone took of me at Coachella:

Live photo I made of me modelling for func.media (don't listen to the audio omg lol):

I created this with Lively, put it in my Instagram story to change the filter, saved it, then posted it to my Instagram as a post:


Pixaloop allows you to add movement to your pictures – whether you want to make water look like’s flowing, a background, or even adding some clouds to the sky. This app is pretty cool and I use sometime's to add clouds into the background of my pictures. I find it makes the picture look a lot better and adds some dimension. I haven’t quite mastered it but I wanted to give some examples on what you can do for it.

Using Pixaloop to make the background move:

Using Pixaloop to create current in the lake:

Using Pixaloop to add clouds to the sky:

Overall I hope you guys find this article useful and can take some of this away to help make your pictures and content look the best it can! Make sure to like this post at the bottom and share with anyone who might find this useful for content creation or Instagram!

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